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About me

Willkommen in der Welt der PSI - Experimente


My path from the inside out


On my journey from painter and expert to PSI experimentalist,

who deals with paranormal phenomena, I have undergone a fascinating development.

Originally confronted with partly inexplicable causes of water damage, I later found myself confronted with a serious illness myself.

Through self-hypnosis and meditation, I began to become more aware and experienced how my perception sometimes opened up beyond the ordinary.


I draw my inspiration from films, books and playful interaction with my environment, which allows me to create new effects and expand the boundaries of what is possible.


In my work as a PSI experimentalist, I use techniques such as meditation, trance states and strong focus to artistically depict paranormal phenomena.


What makes me special?

Born in 1974 in Fürth, I am relatively tall at over 1.90m.

But my peculiarities lie deeper.

I am not neurotypical, but have mild autism.

Additionally, I have afantasy, which means I have no internal images or sensory memories.

This leads to a change in language style and perception, which may appear slightly different to other people.

My experiences have significantly influenced my view of the world and paranormal phenomena.


I recognize that behind many seemingly supernatural events there are often simple techniques that are misunderstood or mystified.

"Behind every spiritual, occult or esoteric method that works there is a technique."


This realization has helped me to better recognize and see more clearly the manipulation and deception in the world.

Ultimately, I strive to educate and inspire through my work as a PSI experimentalist. I want to raise awareness of the difference between reality and actuality and encourage people not to always chase after the wrong gods.

Each of us has the potential to experience extraordinary things and to understand that what we think is impossible is often closer than we think.

"It's hard because it's so simple."

City of Skopje

"Your performance is a rare combination of magic with a personal touch, which makes even the most introverted people to open up and show excitement..."

Patrick Sass, Nuremberg

"I didn't think something like this was possible, unbelievable."

Teuta Zekiri TV presenter

“I din´t deliver till now.”
About me - PSI Experimentalist Master Masson (Frank Masson)

Free initial consultation

Choosing the right program is crucial to achieving your goals, which is why I offer you the opportunity to book a free consultation.

In this non-binding preliminary discussion, we can analyze your needs together and select the perfect offer for your individual path of self-discovery and development.


Take this opportunity to take the first step towards positive change and find the program that not only meets your expectations, but exceeds them.

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