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The place where curiosity meets wisdom and creativity meets science.

Here, in our glossary, I open the door for you to a world shaped by the fearless questions and unconventional answers of an experimentalist. It is a collection of terms that capture the essence of our tireless pursuit of knowledge, a tribute to the bold experiments that expand the limits of the conceivable.

Each term you find here is a key to a mystery, an invitation to see the world with different eyes. Discover the language used to grasp the intangible, make the invisible visible, and turn the impossible into the possible.

Animal Magnetism

Animal magnetism, also known as mesmerism, is an 18th-century concept developed by Franz Anton Mesmer. It describes an invisible natural force that permeates all living beings and can be used as a healing energy ...  Read More


Extrasensory Perception

Extrasensory Perception (ESP), encompasses a range of phenomena that lie outside our five conventional senses – sight, hearing, smell... Read More"


PSI Phenomena

PSI phenomena encompass a range of events characterized by psychic abilities or extrasensory perceptions that elude conventional scientific explanation... Read More



PSI-experimentalist" refers to a person who is involved in the scientific study of PSI phenomena. PSI phenomena include a range of... Read More



Telepathy is a term that stimulates the imagination and transports us into the world of unexplored capabilities of the human mind. Often depicted in science fiction and fantasy, telepathy stands for the direct transmission... Read More



Precognition, a fascinating phenomenon that has captivated humanity for centuries, finds its origin in the Latin word 'praecognitio,' which means 'foreknowledge.' It describes the extraordinary ability... Read More


The Paranormal

The paranormal has fascinated humanity for ages and appears in countless cultures, narratives, and scientific discussions. But what exactly is meant by the paranormal? This term encompasses... Read More



In the world of extrasensory perceptions, clairvoyance holds a special position. It encompasses the ability to gain information about events, places, objects, or people that are beyond the normal... Read More


Remote Perception

Remote perception, also known as remote viewing, is a form of extrasensory perception (ESP) that allows individuals to obtain information about a distant or unseen target, without relying on... Read More



Psychokinesis, often abbreviated as PK, refers to the alleged ability of the human mind to influence or move matter without physical intervention. This concept captures the imagination of artists... Read More



The Enneagram is a fascinating and complex model of the human psyche, often used in personal development, spiritual growth, and coaching. The name "Enneagram" derives from the Greek words "ennea," meaning nine, and "grammos ... Read More



The world of esotericism is as diverse and profound as the human quest for knowledge itself. Esotericism, a term that is often misunderstood, actually encompasses a broad spectrum of spiritual, philosophical and mystical traditions... Read More


Psychic Phenomena

In the world of science and the supernatural, there is a fascinating field that has captivated researchers, philosophers, and the general public alike for centuries: psychic phenomena. These invisible forces... Read More



Spirituality is a broadly defined term that refers to the search for the sacred, the divine, or a higher truth. It is a personal journey aimed at finding a deeper meaning in life... Read More



The term 'Fluidum' has its roots in the Latin language, where 'fluidus' means flowing or streaming. In general usage, Fluidum describes an atmosphere, energy, or aura that is difficult to describe... Read More


Chi (Qi, Ki)

Chi (also spelled Qi or Ki) is a fascinating concept that has held a central place in Eastern philosophy and medicine for thousands of years. This term, which is difficult to translate into a single word... Read More



Prana is a concept deeply rooted in many spiritual and holistic traditions. It originates from Sanskrit, an ancient Indian language, and is best translated as life energy, life force... Read More



Mushin ** (Japanese: 無心; Chinese: wúxīn) refers to a state that very experienced martial artists can achieve during a fight. This state, often described as "consciousness without consciousness" from Zen Buddhism... Read more

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