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Animal Magnetism



Animal magnetism, also known as mesmerism, is an 18th-century concept developed by Franz Anton Mesmer. It describes an invisible natural force that permeates all living beings and can be used as a healing energy.

Facets and Types


1. Therapeutic Approaches:

  • Hypnosis: Use of hypnotic techniques for healing and pain management.

  • Energy Transfer: Practices aimed at transferring energy from one person to another to resolve physical and mental blockages.

2. Spiritual Aspects:

  • Meditation and Self-Hypnosis: Methods for self-healing and enhancing mental abilities.

  • Intuition and Telepathy: Enhancement of intuitive perception and telepathic communication.

3. Psychic Phenomena:

  • Predictions and Mind Reading: Experiments and techniques to expand perception and foresight.


Animal magnetism is a comprehensive concept that integrates therapeutic, spiritual, and psychic practices.

It aims to mobilize the inner forces of individuals to contribute to healing and personal development.

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