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PSI - Consulting


Unleash Your Full Potential: Personalized Consulting for Transformative Success

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The PSI Consultant

My name is Frank Masson, and as your PSI Consultant, I will guide you through a tailor-made consultation that goes far beyond the boundaries of traditional methods.

With a focus on entrepreneurs and executives who are striving to overcome their business challenges with innovative solutions, I offer you unique access to self-awareness and success.



Our collaboration begins with a deep understanding of your visions and the specific challenges you face. From there, we embark on a journey of self-discovery and recognition together. The process is designed to activate your inner strengths, uncover hidden potentials, and strategically employ these for your professional and personal success.

As your PSI Consultant, I am by your side to make extraordinary decisions and develop a deeper understanding of yourself.

Together, we create a space for transformation, where you not only learn to understand yourself better but also how to use these insights to secure sustainable success in your life and career.

Personal inventory

Discussion of needs

Development of the path

Determine the measures    

Activating your inner resources


Implementations and adjustments

Consulting or support

Reflections and growth

Support in decisions and negotiations


PSI Consulting of the PSI - Experimentalist Master Masson

Free initial consultation

Choosing the right program is essential to achieving your goals. That's why I offer you the opportunity to book a free conversation.

In this non-binding preliminary discussion, we can together analyze your needs and select the perfect offering for your individual journey of self-discovery and development.

Take advantage of this opportunity to take a first step towards positive change and find the program that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

PSI Consulting Program


Important NOTE


I would like to make it clear that I am not a doctor, psychologist, nor am I a naturopath or therapist, and I do not make medical diagnoses or conduct therapies. I do not replace a doctor, psychologist, therapist, pharmacist, or naturopath.

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