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What can you expect ?

As an experienced performer, I have already fascinated audiences on international stages, at company events, private celebrations and galas.

My appearance in Albanian television (click on the link to watch the interview on Youtube, experiments from minute 22)  and my public performances on the streets of various cities in Europe have taken my viewers and I into the world of the inexplicable and brought my research to an even wider audience.

I was able to refine my skills and techniques more and more.

My performance is an extraordinary experience that will challenge your imagination and take you on a fascinating journey into the world of extrasensory perception (ESP).

Each experiment on my show is unique and interactive, allowing you to be actively involved and explore your own abilities.

You will experience up close and unplugged how the human mind creates incredible phenomena.

Be inspired by my experimental demonstrations and discover the fascinating possibilities of the human mind while being part of this unique show.

My performance has the potential to change your perspective and your reality forever.

You are invited to question your previous assumptions and beliefs and be open to new possibilities.

My interactive experiments can help you develop an expanded perception and realign your perspective on life, consciousness and human abilities.

Accompany me on this fascinating journey into the world of ESP - extrasensory perception - and be amazed by the inexplicable powers of the mind!

Be prepared to change your perspective and reality forever while being part of this one-of-a-kind performance.

Black and white portrait of Frank Masson
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